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puffy eyed... - working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

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May 12th, 2007

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09:26 am - puffy eyed...
Since last week, my eyes were getting bothered by... pollen perhaps? Environmental contaminants? Food?

I happened to have my Holistic Practitioner appointment on Tuesday, Vega testing also indicated dust and dustmites were a particular bother right now. Candida is just starting up too. Vega test says avoid beans & legumes for now. (Darn! I like my beaners!) No dairy,  wheat, coffee, alcohol, or chocolate either. No sugar.  (I like to think I've followed this diet, but reality is I 'cheat' probably daily on the sugar and dairy... Mussst s-t-o-P)  Oh well, that stills leaves lots of fruit and veg and rice stuff to eat...
I got some dirt in my eye on tuesday evening, planting bulbs, and I suspect there was fertilizer or something in it, my eye was nearly swollen shut when I woke in the morning. The other was just red and puffy.  :(

Things I am taking to quell the histamine onslaught: Quercetin bioflavinoids, 'Breathe Easy' Tea, by Traditional Medicinals,
Acidophilus & Bifidus capsules, Zyflamend (a herbal antiinflammatory combo).
I am going to go purchase some Nettle tea. Has anyone tried this out?  My practitioner says you have to drink it daily, it takes about 3 weeks before it starts working. I Vega tested well for the sample she had, so that's good...we'll see what happens.

I think I have to make my dog stay outside for awhile?
Put j-clothes over the dust registers, change the air filter...
drink tea...tea...tea...
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