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GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS - working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

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June 26th, 2007

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the GOOD is that i DO NOT have lupus!!!! that is so a weight off my shoulders...
BAD NEWS: i have osteoporosis and a slightly large spleen.

i was wondering why when i showed up for my appointment, i had some scan done and besides my sonogram. it was a bone scan. i am way below what i should be on the scale. he DX me with the osteoporosis, wants me to start a daily intake of at least 100 grams of cheese, plus calicum and he put me on vigantoletten 1000 i.e.
my spleen is slightly large, but currently nothing to worry about. it is actually longer than normal.

he recommends me staying on my current meds for FIBRO, but just added the new dx of osteoporosis.

so no autoimmune disorders going on- yeah for me....but tons of bone issues...sucks for me. i did find out the my left hip is pretty bad. which i think explains alot.

so all my other problems are related to my FIBRO- NOT autoimmune. this makes me happy. i know it sounds strange but when you have a mother that suffers from 2 autoimmune disorders...it is music to the ears.
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful

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