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working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

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March 1st, 2007

06:27 pm - update on visit with the doc today
i am going to shoot me some doctors--argggggggggggg
i get to play musical doctors again- *rolls eyes*
i have another appointment tomorrow morning
*rolls eyes*
doctor is not going to do the neck surgery--because he feels that i have more neurological problems than the cervical spondylosis and the lumbar DDD ( not including the FM/and just DX me with lupus already DXs (side note: i have all the symptomatic problems associated with lupus minus butterfly rash and positive ANA titers- my ANA titers have been wishy washy over the years-but i dont have the typical butterfly rash ( i guess the rash i do get does not qualify) therefore do not have the DX of lupus- however since my bio mum has it- they have not ruled it out)
*bangs head on wall*
was told i needed to take more meds
*wanted to slap doctor*
basically gave him my list of meds and then gave him the meds i have taken in past
*doctor then places hand on head*
oh dear-ummm let me call
*i slap doctor in my head*
yeah musical doctors!
drip drip drip--got to LOVE scarasim

you have been updated.

and i swear if they do one more fucking MRI of my head- i will shoot me some doctors

please tell me why can't doctors just fix the problem?

oh and my hubby told me i can't break anymore glass- so i have to throw plastic--got to love the hubby for putting up with my insane ass

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December 30th, 2006

11:54 pm - Introduction
Hi everyone - I've just come across this community and I'm really interested! Here's some stuff about why:

Read more...Collapse )

Hoping to get to know y'all and find out some interesting stuff too!

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December 28th, 2006

11:48 am - Caffeine
Is coffee horrible to drink? Would tea be any better?

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November 26th, 2006

02:35 am - Recipes?
Hope everyone is feeling good :)

Does anybody have any new recipes to share or snack ideas? I am getting sick of eating the same things and need some new recipes! Does anybody have any recipes in particular that are high in protein? I find it difficult to get enough sometimes even though I am eating beans and tofu. I need to learn new ways of cooking them!

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November 25th, 2006

06:01 pm - Hi all...
This group looks interesting for me...
I've been doing an anti-inflammatory diet, with awesome results.  Its completely been turning around my moods, my energy levels, and look ma! no rashes!   What a huge relief...
I'll type more some later day :D

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November 19th, 2006

04:01 pm
hello, just an intro to this anti-inflam group... so glad to find it! i'll definitely be checking out recipies. :))

i'm 28, with osteoarthritis, myofacial pain from (pick one! lol) CP or CFS/FM. So far I've been on a nearly wheat, nightshade free diet (i.e. one serving of either 2x per week) and have been feeling less achy.

thanks for having this community and best wishes to all,


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November 7th, 2006

05:21 pm - had doctor appointments
so yesterday was my appointment for the doctor that is local. he is internal medicine- however works with fibro peeps. i see him in 2 weeks nothing much was done yesterday except basically a meet and greet.
today was RA appointment in the famous lanstuhl hospital. the doctor there was so awesome. he asked a ton of questions and did an exam- even looking in my hair for the past rash i had. he changed one of my meds. and said that the other doctor can change my sleeping meds for me. he actually listened. i did notice when he was going throu my blood work online that there was an ANA test that was positive, but it look like part of a 2 part test.  i forgot to ask him about it and forgot to ask about hospital grade egg crate for my bed also. he thinks i should go back on my hormones. weight issues are a problem. did not realized i had basically gained 20+  pounds since last year. that is not good. so he wants me to make an appointment with nuro and cardio folks to get my clear, since the GPs will not give me my hormones back since they hear 2 TIAs and flip, then hear ASD repair and roll over dead. i am also suppose to go in EVERYTIME i have a major flare, especially with the whole mouth ulcers and rash on the head and get treatment- which he wants a full panel work up and endocrinology work up. my last thyroid check was 3 years ago, however he did not want to run one until i was in flare and something about if they give me my hormones back. i was confused on that one. he poked and proded me so sore. especially my back- he hit one point that basically sent me to the moon. guess i am suppose to use my cane more often if i am having a flare. on the lupus front i did not ask much questions since he was speaking about making sure they do blood work on me during a major flare. i am sure that is because a) that is when i have more lupus like problems b) maybe the blood work will show something. i do know from some last blood work that i had done that i was high in some areas- could not see exactly what they were. i know in 2 weeks they are going to check my blood in my urine again since i still had some, but it appeared to be lower- so no cath unless i show up with more blood in my urine. i was also told i NEED to sleep more. sleep i guess is my best defence. oh joy! so not a whole lot of changes. but more care. i actually have a doctor to go to on a basics instead of trying all the time to get into GP. basically i am not receiving enough care from the GPs or i get into them in not enough time, which is the bigger issue. i think i am having fear that i would not be able to be seen in a major flare up- but since i have this new doctor i am hoping. all i know is the great wise  lanstuhl full bird told me----YOU NEED CARE WHEN YOU ARE HAVING A FLARE UP...okay i get it.
so in the next couple of weeks i have to make more appointments to  lanstuhl for the cardio docs. however i am going to see if my doc local can talk to the docs up at lanstuhl- since after all lanstuhl did my last TEE. damn which reminds me i need to make a mammogram appointment.
oh i was given a 10page document to read about fibro. since i am stubborn at times and still want to call it a garbage DX.
so that is the news for now on the health front.

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October 31st, 2006

02:14 pm - So, how's it going?
How are you all doing? Are you continuing to stick to the anti-inflammatory diet? Is it helping you?

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October 3rd, 2006

04:05 pm
hello everyone,

i am new here, so i just thought i'd introduce myself. I am just starting to learn about this diet. i am really interested & look forward to checking out some of the links everyone here has recommended. I am hoping this diet will help me with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Which, I am not even sure that's exactly what I have, diagnosis is a little sketchy) and my bladder & back problems. Overall, I am just trying out things to try to make myself overall more healthy.

I am a vegetarian, so I am hoping that finding food won't be too hard. So any tips for a newbie in this?

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October 2nd, 2006

09:38 pm - on years of being a prep cook
continuing my thoughts from my last post, i find that doing a good amount of prep work on my good day (which is usually my second day off in a row, sunday) will make it easier for me to cook during the week. i used to work in restaurants as a cook all throughout college. when you eat out your "made from scratch meal" is made from a bunch of "prepped" or pre-chopped/washed/portioned/ground meat and veg that have heat applied to them and then are dressed with a sauce or a broth or an oil and spice mix. it's all about having the basics on hand all the time.

i know one of y'all posted about having cooked sweet potatoes on hand all the time. this is a great idea. baby carrots are great too.

here's something i threw together after an early evening trot over to the caribbean market. you should be able to get most ingredients at a normal supermarket. the palm oil you might buy online if you are rural.

you need:

2 quarts broth
a turkey leg or wing or two, cut into pieces if possible.
a few T of palm oil
(rich in betacarotene and full of omega-3s and-6s)
a purple onion, sliced thin
2 inch finger of ginger, pounded into a paste or finely chopped
4-5 fat cloves of garlic, pounded or mashed with fork to a paste
pinch allspice
pinch thyme
pinch cumin
pinch coriander
one cup mashed sweet potato
one can garbanzos, rinsed and drained
a few medium hot dried chiles, such as ancho or guajillo
one bunch finely sliced, well washed greens
(destem, then roll into a cigar shaped bunch, then slice very thin. submerge in water in a large container, soak a few minutes remove from water, shake dry, and repeat with new water. you can add a drop of all natural detergent to the first rinse water if you are concerned about e coli, just make sure to rinse extra well.)
a few tsp good tamari (wheat-free japanese soy sauce) or sea salt

one cup coconut milk or whole milk yogurt(at room tempurature)

brown the turkey legs in the palm oil, then deglaze the pot with a cup of water (pour in and scrape up the brown bits). add in the onions and stir til soft and browning. add the garlic and ginger and the spices and stir a minute or two, then add the beans, the rest of the broth, and the sweet potato and boil until the beans are tender and the meat is cooked through (165-170 F depending on your school of thought).

pull out the turkey and stick it in the freezer to cool. go on and throw the greens in and let them cook til tender. when the turkey is cool enough pull it off the bone, throw it in the soup and save the bones.

if you are using coco milk, add it in and return to a simmer.

if yogurt, just stir it in.

season with tons of black pepper.


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