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working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

working with a diet that promotes anti-inflammator
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This community is for anyone interested in making food choices that promote anti-inflammatories. You can be here for any reason, pursue this to whatever degree you like ... post recipies, questions, tips, whatever!


Many foods -- you could even say all -- affect our bodies in ways other than simply keeping us nourished. Of interest to us are those that promote inflammation or work against inflammation. We may be interested in these foods for any number of reasons: to slow down the aging process, to treat environmental allergies without medication, to ease the symptoms of fibromialgia or to finally kick an inflammatory related injury.


This is my background with this diet and a bit of an introduction to the community.

So far I have read two books on having a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories. Reviews, and links to them here, will be forthcoming.