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update on visit with the doc today - working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

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March 1st, 2007

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06:27 pm - update on visit with the doc today
i am going to shoot me some doctors--argggggggggggg
i get to play musical doctors again- *rolls eyes*
i have another appointment tomorrow morning
*rolls eyes*
doctor is not going to do the neck surgery--because he feels that i have more neurological problems than the cervical spondylosis and the lumbar DDD ( not including the FM/and just DX me with lupus already DXs (side note: i have all the symptomatic problems associated with lupus minus butterfly rash and positive ANA titers- my ANA titers have been wishy washy over the years-but i dont have the typical butterfly rash ( i guess the rash i do get does not qualify) therefore do not have the DX of lupus- however since my bio mum has it- they have not ruled it out)
*bangs head on wall*
was told i needed to take more meds
*wanted to slap doctor*
basically gave him my list of meds and then gave him the meds i have taken in past
*doctor then places hand on head*
oh dear-ummm let me call
*i slap doctor in my head*
yeah musical doctors!
drip drip drip--got to LOVE scarasim

you have been updated.

and i swear if they do one more fucking MRI of my head- i will shoot me some doctors

please tell me why can't doctors just fix the problem?

oh and my hubby told me i can't break anymore glass- so i have to throw plastic--got to love the hubby for putting up with my insane ass

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