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questioning doctors in germany- warning foul language ahead - working for a diet that promotes anti-inflammatories!

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March 2nd, 2007

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11:58 am - questioning doctors in germany- warning foul language ahead
dr. feil is the only doctor i have ever trusted here in germany on the german side of things...
today seeing the quack i saw today, knowing that what test he was going to run were going to be on the "normal side of the house" told me it was in my head and thought i needed to see a psych. WTF??
so basically i pointed out to him--UH think i have problems because i deal with pain..NO SHIT. but you know what the problem is...it is in BLACK AND WHITE on a MRI and in a report---instead of FIXING SAID FUCKING PROBLEM...LETS 'TALK' ABOUT IT---WTF--HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD-WTF???
so said doctor got a piece of my mind--bitch petrol was out today, and i was HEAD BITCH. seriously i think the reason why patients here in germany have to go see a shrink is because they dont question the doctors.
'uhhhh okay, uuuuhhh what's up doc'

i mean i told him, you see the problem but instead of fixing it NOW- let's make it what until it is worse and then....will fix it. HELLO I DONT WANT SPINAL FUSION IN THE NEAR FUTURE. fix it while it can still be fixed. why wait until the problem gets to a point where i am more disabled than i am. oh and my bobble head, do you think--which i made a comment to him about--that IT COULD BE MY MUSCLES FREAKING OUT--because i am IN PAIN????UMM NO?? MAYBE?? GET A CLUE!! oh yeah, i forgot...it is all in my head...waaa poor little fucking me...go fuck yourself doc.

oh i did make the comment about how i was this nice rescue diver..firefighter at one time...you know i can deal with FM pain, but this pain that i am currently having which is FAR DIFFERENT than the FM- and yes, doc i do know the DIFFERENCE in the pain...do you think i enjoy taking XYZ MEDS everyday. do you think i LOVE THE CHEMICALS running thru my vens...oh yeah baby...fuck me please

YEAH, i am a pissy little bitch today, but in good news i am getting out of germany for a day tomorrow. that makes me happy for the moment.

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Date:March 3rd, 2007 06:45 am (UTC)
I wish I could understand what you're saying because it sounds like we've got similar issues.

I've got sacral/spinal/lumbar/etc. issues that "my pathology reports do not indicate the pain level I am experiencing ..." according to the crap pain mgmt doctor I'm going to.

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